Heron Tower

IAT were contracted by Skanska to provide a Life Support System for Europe’s largest privately-owned aquarium in the lobby of the Heron Tower. This unique facility has the recirculation systems located more than 20M below the base of the acrylic tank.

Happy Feet - Sealife London Aquarium

Also in May 2011, the new 'Happy Feet' Pengiun exhibit opened its doors for the first time. IAT's 'Bluewater' recirculation systems were put to good use in this saltwater system. Merlin Entertains again contacted IAT for this fast track and challenging project. Added challenges were the size of plantroom space available, attaching this new system to existing services, and integrating the controls with the existing IAT supplied SCADA facility.

Legoland - Windsor, UK

The amazing 'Atlantis' attraction opened its doors to the public in May 2011. Our own unique solution generated a low energy high technology Life Support System for Merlin Entertainments. Along with a Quarantine and small exhibit system, the main exhibit has a full saltwater recirculation system based predominently on full flow protein skimming. Main exhibit is close to one MILLION litres, with over 50 species of sharks, rays and tropical fish. It holds almost 100 LEGO models, which have been designed to recreate the lost city of Atlantis.

Exeter University

IAT have just completed a successful handover of a large Aquatic Research Facility. Set within the rolling campus of Exeter University, the research facility is one of the largest in the world. IAT have designed, built, installed, and commissioned 19 seperate Life Support Systems that supply water management to thousands of individual tanks.

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